“Christ’s Special Forces”

Strike Force Deliverance Ministries

Strike Force Deliverance Ministries helps individuals, ministries, and cities to walk in their full potential through discipleship into Jesus Christ. We speak the truth using the gifts of the Spirit to bring clarity to the body of Christ in a time where many have lost their way. Our Goal is to lead people into finding their true call and destiny that God has for them. We follow the great commission that we were commanded by Jesus Christ to save, heal, deliver, and disciple. As Christians we have been lacking in this clearly, by looking at where we are as a nation. If you’re looking for a ministry led by the Holy Spirit learning to walk in the identity Jesus Christ with signs and wonders following your life, check us out. The Greatest Revival this world has ever seen has begun, take part God is calling you I can guarantee simply because He led you to read this.

  • Strike Force Deliverance ministers to:

    Couples—premarital deliverance
    Couples—ongoing marriage deliverance
    Couples—marriage crisis deliverance
    Children & Teens (With Parent)
    Entire Families

  • Ministry Options

    Strike Force Deliverance Ministries wants to see you free from whatever is hindering you from living out the
    full blessings that God has already planned for you.
    We offer four ways to receive deliverance and inner healing ministry from Strike Force Deliverance

  • • Deliverance Service
    Our church service schedule is located on the front page of this site.
    • Private Session (in-person)
    • Private Session (via Zoom)
    • Private Session (we travel to your location)

When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and
authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases,

Luke 9:1 NIV